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10 Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2014

I’m starting my new job at Telus tomorrow, Monday, May 5, but this is a good reminder for some of you who aren’t working the way you should. James Altucher is an interesting character. I’ve read some very powerful posts by

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What Bill Knew

After he died, I heard from many people who remembered things Bill had said. To my surprise, many people remembered — could even quote passages from — a single lecture he had given over 20 years ago, in his days

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How Being a Doctor Became the Most Miserable Profession

Should doctor in Canada. We’re friendly and patient. link

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What do you want? I’ve been working on an internal website at work lately, so I’m learning new things in web development standards. There exists a concept of specificity, where styling placed in different ways takes precdence over inherited characteristics. In engineering,

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Apple’s iPhone 5c ‘failure flop’ outsold Blackberry, Windows Phone and every Android flagship in Q4

Daniel Eran Dilger at AppleInsider does it again. In fact, while the exact iPhone sales ratio is a closely held secret inside Apple, data from multiple sources, compiled by blogger J. M. Manness, indicates that about 12.8 million of the 51

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[Serious] Christians of Reddit, what is your favorite verse of the Bible that others probably overlook?

A very pleasant change of pace from the usual content. link

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Netflix vs. Blockbuster: To War or Not To War

Interesting infographic. See also: What did your local blockbuster turn into?.

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