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10 Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2014

I’m starting my new job at Telus tomorrow, Monday, May 5, but this is a good reminder for some of you who aren’t working the way you should. James Altucher is an interesting character. I’ve read some very powerful posts by

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What do you want? I’ve been working on an internal website at work lately, so I’m learning new things in web development standards. There exists a concept of specificity, where styling placed in different ways takes precdence over inherited characteristics. In engineering,

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What’s happened to job creation in Canada? It’s all about Alberta

From The Canadian Press: “I know this is not a new story but it’s becoming extreme,” said Doug Porter, the Bank of Montreal’s chief economist. “In the last 12 months, Alberta is the only province that’s seen meaningful growth. They’ve

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