Apple’s iPhone 5c ‘failure flop’ outsold Blackberry, Windows Phone and every Android flagship in Q4

Daniel Eran Dilger at AppleInsider does it again.

In fact, while the exact iPhone sales ratio is a closely held secret inside Apple, data from multiple sources, compiled by blogger J. M. Manness, indicates that about 12.8 million of the 51 million iPhones Apple sold in the winter quarter were iPhone 5c, while 6.4 million were iPhone 4S and 31.9 million were iPhone 5s. That number aligns with reports that the 5s outsold 5c by a ratio of around 2.5:1 overall.

That means iPhone 5c sold twice as many units as all Blackberry smartphone sales combined (6 million), more than all of Nokia’s Windows Phone smartphone sales in the winter quarter (8.2 million), and in fact, all of Microsoft’s Windows Phones sold globally in the winter quarter (slightly more than 8.2 million, as Nokia makes 90 percent of the world’s Windows Phones).

Imagine the team winning the Super Bowl or World’s Cup being labeled a “failure” by sports commentators who groused about perceived flaws in how the winning team played while detailing the “whisper number” of points that “sports analysts” had expected the team to score, expressing great disappointment in the winning team’s inability to score what somebody had guessed might be possible.

While I haven’t really felt the need to post anything in the way of the never-ending smartphone pissing match, Mr. Dilger does another excellent job setting at least Apple’s side of the record a little straighter. If we’re talking about Apple Reality Distortion Fields, there’s definitely a version outside in the press, where numbers and figures and judgements are entirely opposed to reality. Not too long ago, Apple could do no wrong. Today, they’re reportedly as dead as Palm.

It should be clear to all that Android and iOS are playing different games. Apple is in the great user experience via high margin, high quality hardware and software game, whereas Android is in the low cost handset, high market share, advertising revenue competition. Google needs to make cheaper phones, they need to make a free OS, and they’ll dress it up as enabling developing countries to connect to the internet because it’s all in the name of ad impressions. That’s how they make their money, and with such the scale of internet advertising and ad blockers and competition, they need to be the first to reach everyone. Then the idea goes that they’ll make up the money in ad revenue. Notice how Facebook wants the same thing? They too make most of their money in ad revenue. It sounds really altruistic and philanthropic, but it’s good for business. Why do you think Google is pushing Google+ so hard? Facebook grabbed all the social data people volunteered, Google missed out, and now they’re playing catch up at all costs.

Granted, iOS and Android have overlapping businesses. iAds exists, as does Android’s Nexus, but participating in each other’s business models doesn’t mean they have the same goal. The Nexus is still a low cost device, and you can limit iAd tracking. Both parties are being consistent with who they are.

Friends often mock me for desiring Apple devices with such fervour, but would you criticize me if I liked Google AdWords for helping my business to flourish? Everyone loves Gmail, Google Maps and Earth, Google Calendar, Android, Hangouts, but are there reality distortion fields there?

tl;dr There is objective evidence to refute the ongoing chorus of most media outlets saying Apple is failed and doomed and as dead as the horse they’re beating.



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