I’m so old

To be young again. That sounds like the worst.

I always grew up hearing people say they weren’t happy with their age, wishing they were younger or older. When you’re old, you don’t have the vitality, potentially, and the energy you used to, and when you’re young, you don’t have the freedom, money, and independence to do as you please.

As a relatively young lad, I figured there ought to be a better way to think of age. I thought “Why are women using these lotions and creams and why are these boys puffing out their chests?” These conversations often devolve into realizing that there are limitations and challenges with every stage in life. “Ah, but when you’re young, you have age restrictions on movies, alcohol, and you have fewer job prospects.” On the other end of the spectrum, with great age comes great independence but also great responsibility: bills, mortgage(s), health, etc.

I think that life is full and rich, and we need to take advantage of it when we can. Find the ups and downs and sneaky hacks of your current age (and your life, by association), and make the most of it. Yes, when you’re under the age of consent, you have certain legal restrictions, but relish the fact that most of your time isn’t concerned with that “real life” people have been talking about so much. Enjoy your free time. Play. Frolic with the neighbourhood children and woodland creatures. If you’re a greybeard, file your taxes with a smile, and then celebrate your freedom to use your tax refund to buy a bar pad for the squats Andrew and I are doing since they’re getting kinda heavy and our vertebra hurt and the Talisman never has bar pads lying around the squat racks.

tl;dr Stop complaining about your age because there are downsides and upsides to all phases in life. And it grinds my gears.


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