Don’t bother with most sales. I’ll show you the most excellent way.

  • Make a running wish list. It’s fun and keeps you accountable. Don’t buy right away unless it’s on the list.
  • Research the best product in your category. Don’t cheap out here. We’ll wait for a sale, so pick a good one. Use reputable sites like Wirecutter and its associated home section, the Sweethome.
  • Wait for a good time to buy. Use this Lifehacker guide on product seasonality. Sometimes this falls on Black Friday, sometimes it doesn’t.
  • Research deal percentages on your product. Check sites like the Red Flag Deals Hot Deals forum for feedback.
  • Look around online with tools like ShopBot.
  • Check the competitors’ policies. There are price-matching policies to take advantage of.
  • Online shopping versus buying local. Don’t showroom. If you checked it out in store, do them the courtesy of giving them your money.
  • That being said, get Amazon Prime. Annual membership for $80. Free two-day shipping, and one-day for $4. Pays off with only a few orders. Game changer.

Have fun Black Friday shopping. Stay safe.


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