I got me some touchscreen compatible gloves. Based on this excellent Wirecutter review, I got the GliderGloves, although I was almost going to get the due to its ad on Daring Fireball.

These are important to me as a Canadian even though Calgary winters are not harsh. I remember a friend telling me way back that capacitive touchscreens were terrible because you had to take your gloves off in the winter to use them. The Koreans found a way around that with packaged sausage, but textiles have caught up. I like my GliderGloves because they’re a great balance of comfy, warm, and easy to type with. There’s a nice rubbery material on the inside of the glove minus just the tips, and the whole glove is capable of touch input. You can use your knuckles to touch things, which is a nice level of flexibility.

I’ve only had them for a few days now, but they’re already changing my life.

Get a discount here if buying from the original page, and you can also get them from Amazon. The manufacturer’s website can send by Canada Post Lettermail for free, and it took me some seven business days to get them.



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2 comments on “GliderGloves
  1. Jonathan Le says:

    That particular glove, from what I can tell in the picture, only has a piece of touch fabric on the fingertip, so it won’t work that well touch-wise. It’ll look cool because it’s leather, but how cool will it look if you can only touch your phone with one finger? Alternatively, I can give you my gloves, but they might not fit that well. You’ll grow into them.

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