Grammar Hints

Say wha

  • Effect
    1. a change that is a result or consequence of an action or other cause.
      “the lethal effects of hard drugs”
    1. cause (something) to happen; bring about.
      “nature always effected a cure”
  • Affect
    1. have an effect on; make a difference to.
      “the dampness began to affect my health”
  • Would of. Could of. Non.
  • It’s “would have” and “could have.” The confusing part is the sound of the contracted form of “would’ve” and “could’ve.”
  • If I was as cool as Jon, I’d be as cool as Jon. Non.
  • If I were as cool as Jon, I’d be as cool as Jon.
  • 12 items or less. Non. 12 items or fewer. There’s a numerical quantity, so you say fewer. Almost all grocery stores are wrong.
  • I have less respect for that person. You say less because there isn’t an explicit number for your respect.
  • Example: Less money, fewer dollars.
  • Farther. Use for distances. The chips are farther than the bachelor was willing to walk to eat.
  • Further. Use for degrees.
  • Watch this scene from Finding Forrester.
  • Myself. Reflexive pronoun. You can’t say “Myself will read the best blog ever,” “He, a second person, and myself will read the best blog ever,” or “Myself and my soul mate will always read this blog to our children.” You would say “She read that awesome blog herself” or “I screwed myself by not reading that blog and learning the important lessons set forth by its author.”

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