iPad Keyboard

There are a lot of iPad keyboards out there and even more iPad keyboard reviews. After looking at all of them online and playing with none, I still think that one that deserves lots of love is the Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard. These are the features I love that you won’t find in any one keyboard out there, past or present.

  • Kick stand that keeps the stand from falling backwards.
  • Space for a Smart Cover to attach.
  • Works on iPad 2, 3, and 4. Awaiting testing on the iPad Air, although it’s nothing a little Sugru couldn’t fix.
  • iPad physically snaps in.
  • Hides keys away safely when folded down.
  • Chiclet keys
  • Mac layout with mostly US layout without questionable keys and placements, eg.
    return key is normal
    fn, control, alt/option, cmd are intact at the bottom left
    both shift buttons aren’t split in half with weird characters filling the void
  • If I want it to work with the iPad Air, I can tape some paper to compensate for the thinner body and narrow width.

My wishlist for the next version that will never come.

  • I would prefer to have dedicated media buttons though.
  • fn+delete is the lock function, but I use that to delete characters to the right (like most keyboards would understand).
  • I wouldn’t mind being able to charge the iPad from the keyboard battery, but I’m not a terribly mobile person to begin with.
  • Dedicated media buttons.
  • Left Shift+left option+right won’t select words for me. Not sure if it’s my keyboard or all Fold-Up Keyboards.
  • Switching between multiple Bluetooth devices would be great. I could switch between my Raspberry Pi, iPad, and Apple TV.
  • Now they are backlighting these Bluetooth keyboards. Yeah, why not?

All that considered, I understand why it wouldn’t appeal to everyone. All the same, I love it.

What someone needs to build is an enclosure that combines the Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad into an iPad Pro configuration.


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