TVs Can’t Be Smart. So Stop Trying to Make It Happen

Good article from Wired.

Would you rather have a computer built into your TV or have a separate one that updates and already has all your media? Most people are simply hooking up their home computers or laptops with a cheap HDMI cable.

I think the interface is part of the problem, and TV manufacturers haven’t nailed it. This is going to sound silly, but to control my Apple Pi setup, I use two Bluetooth keyboards, a Logitech Harmony 650 remote, the Apple Remote occasionally, the Apple Remote app, and the Official XBMC Remote app. Here, redundancy is the key to convenience, and redundancy is the key to convenience here. You might laugh, but think of the number of clocks or time displays you check regularly: phone, watch, stove, microwave, computer, car, stereo. The problem of the modern TV interface hasn’t yet been cracked, so I like my setup so far.

I have a smart TV, but I’d rather use XBMC on my RasPi, watch Netflix on my Apple TV, and extend my MacBook Pro display over AirPlay, in that order. Steam is doing something fancy with their Big Picture mode, and most computers work fine with smartphone remote control apps. Xboxes and PlayStations get the job done too with streaming video. Netflix owns one-third of North American web traffic, and the TV manufacturers must know already because some of their Blu-Ray players also come with Netflix.

I don’t know if the market has fully spoken yet, but I don’t think smart TVs are going to happen. Hold your breaths for a new version of Apple TV.



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