Easier Trash Removal

One of my few chores in the home is taking out the trash. Sometimes the bag refuses to leave the trash can, so I’m going to drill some little holes into the side to balance the air pressure during bag removal. Don’t worry, it’s from Ikea, so Carrie won’t get mad.

Some thoughts:

  • Don’t drill into the bottom of the can for fear of spilling liquids errwhere. Consider the side of the can.
  • Don’t drill the holes so large that mice can get in.
  • An alternative is to stick a hose in the rubbish bin. Think of it as the garbage bag snorkeling.



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2 comments on “Easier Trash Removal
  1. Andrew says:

    I did this about 2 weeks ago. Cut a small hole, less than 1″ x 1″ about 3″ up from the bottom of the plastic liner inside the metal canister. The trash bag glides out with ease. I have no idea why there aren’t more garbage bins with holes pre-drilled, ready for use.


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