Raspberry Pi


I finally got my Raspberry Pi, and it’s been a blast playing with it so far. I just got my Apple Wireless Keyboard hooked up with Bluetooth, so I wanted to share some of the friction points in case anyone follows suit.

I installed RaspBMC over OpenELEC because I want to use SortTV. I used to run XBMC on a jailbroken Apple TV 2, but now I can get all the sweet Apple TV features, eg. American Netflix, iTunes Match, iTunes Radio one of these days in Canada, and not worry about jailbreaking. I should call my home theatre the Apple Pi. Plus, RaspBMC is faster than the ATV2.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard works with the Pi, and I’m using the Asus BT211 adapter. Price matched at Memory Express.

There are tons of other guides to set up the Bluetooth, but the one missing piece for this adapter was

sudo apt-get install firmware-atheros

Maybe I’ll have to try the IOGear GBU521 to try this iBeacon setup, but one step at a time.

Look at this sweet case I made for it.



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