Browser Extensions

Let’s start a flame war over internet browsers: which one is the fastest and most secure? Ah, who cares. Let’s just beef up the abilities of the one you’re going to use regardless of what I say. There’s a lot of awesome functionality you can build into your browser, and there are lots of lists out there recommending many extensions. I use these, and you should consider them.

Obviously, there’s YouTube Center.

AdBlock Plus blocks ads. So does AdBlock. Flip a coin and install one. Safari users should head for AdBlock.

To watch videos that are blocked by country, get Hola. American Netflix anyone? Life changer.

For more security and privacy, install HTTPS Everywhere and Disconnect. NoScript is also a good candidate, but I find it far too annoying. For better search without that totally invasive Search Plus Your World, use DuckDuckGo which also has a Chrome extension. For even more security and privacy, use the Tor browser.

Based on which “read later” service you use, there are associated extensions. Regardless of which you use, you should install Readability’s. There’s a Read Now button, which gives you just the text. It’s similar to Safari’s Reader button, but that doesn’t always work as reliably. Why would you need a Read Now button, especially after removing ads? Blogs and news sites have side columns full of “popular articles,” Facebook like buttons, etc. Sometimes getting rid of ads isn’t enough, and you need to just focus on the text of the article. Readability. For the record, I use Instapaper, but most people should use Pocket.

Use a Google Reader replacement. I use Digg Reader. Most use Feedly.


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