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I’m moving to Squarespace, and my page is It’s fancier looking.

All my old links won’t work anymore, but if it interested you, I’m sure you can find your way back here.

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Higher / I Believe In You by Hillsong

Dat bridge.

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10 Reasons You Have To Quit Your Job In 2014

I’m starting my new job at Telus tomorrow, Monday, May 5, but this is a good reminder for some of you who aren’t working the way you should.

James Altucher is an interesting character. I’ve read some very powerful posts by him on various blogs over the past few years, so don’t write him off too quickly.


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What Bill Knew

After he died, I heard from many people who remembered things Bill had said. To my surprise, many people remembered — could even quote passages from — a single lecture he had given over 20 years ago, in his days as a business guy.

Reading these over two decades later, I’m struck by the fact that the word “business” appears three times, but the word “love” appears four.

Words to live by.


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Honest Valentine’s Posters

The truth behind the romance.


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“We’re cool bro. Have a kiss.”

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Launch The Kitty Missile!

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